Saturday, March 9, 2013

French Toast - Muesli Pita Style!

Yes, I lied.  Yesterday I teased you with a post for today featuring my mother's garden feta salad.  However, when I got up this morning and decided to make this for breakfast, I thought, "Everyone HAS to make this Sunday morning!"  This MUST preclude the GFS.  Sorry, Mom.
Look, I know you can make French Toast with challah, brioche or even plain white Wonderbread but the texture of the muesli pita and its satisfying heartiness makes for one helluva French Toast experience!
Give this a whirl for your own lonesome self or for a brunch crowd.  This is a very satisfying portion for 2.  If I had served it with bacon or sausage, I would likely (and I said likely, not surely), serve 2 pieces a person.
Here's what you'll need:

           3 breakfast muesli pitas
           2 eggs
           1/3 cup milk
           1 t vanilla
           1/2 to 1 t cinnamon
           (you may like it more or less cinnamon-ier)
           butter for frying
           fresh berries as a side

This is the brand of Muesli Pita I used.
It's available in Canada and the U.S.

So I did make a video about how to cut the pita properly.
However, my husband told me it was "condescending" to
show people how to cut bread. I guess it's SO much better to have a still picture and EXPLAIN how to cut bread... right.
Hold the pita down firmly. 
With a serrated edge knife, saw through halfway. 
Flip around and saw through the other side
until it meets the cut part in the middle.
Anyone find that condescending?  Show of hands, please!
In a flat dish/pan, mix eggs, milk, cinnamon and vanilla.
Drench each muesli half in the egg mixture.
Give each side a good spin in there!

On a griddle set at 350F,
melt 2 to 3 T butter until the surface is well covered.
Be generous!

Place pita halves on the hot griddle, cut side up.
Don't you hate that extra egg mixture that's left?
Do what I do. Waste not, want not!
With a spoon, pour the extra egg mix over each half.
The cut side can better absorb the extra fluid.

Sure, the egg will spill over and in between, but fret not!

Just flip the runaway egg over on the pita.
When you flip it over,
it will connect & cook with the uncooked egg on that side.
Peek under to see if your pita is golden brown like below.
Time to flip!

Look how beautiful the cooked side looks!
The other side is becoming just as yummi-fied!

Here is your delicious Sunday breakfast!
Three pieces of beautiful golden muesli French Toast,
drenched with maple syrup
and bordered with gorgeous fresh berries!

French Toast - Muesli Pita style...
You'll never want it any other way!