Friday, March 15, 2013

Home Day Fridays! Pillows and Petals!

Last week, we tackled closets.  OK, maybe not closets with an "s" but hopefully you got to at least one and got rid of the dead animals and pizza crusts at the very minimum!

Today I want you to have a look at your living room, bedroom or both.  Have a good, serious look.

Is it time to refresh those nasty throw cushions encrusted with husband's drool, your children's cute little prints (that should have been on craft paper in the first place), or the stains of your mascara-ed tears and Haagen Dazs after a particularly moving of episode of "Downton Abbey"?

Yes to one or all?  OK.  Time to refresh! This is the single easiest thing you can do to make your rooms pop again for spring.  Add some fresh flowers and I guarantee, you will feel brighter than you did with your last dose of Zoloft (or Prozac or whatever makes your fancy happy!)

Have a look at the Etsy site where there are excellent crafters of lovely pillows to be had for a reasonable price.

Below each pillow set, I've put the name of the Etsy vendor that sells them.  I've paired them with some fresh blooms to show you how you can brighten up your room so easily with just these two simple changes/additions.

Can't you smell the spring?  Don't you want to SEE some change?

Here's some inspiration!








And now for something completely different...
It's spring, birds and the bees and all that.
Make a statement for your next book club!  Wahoo!

Of course, 
I'd pair this bold Cowboy Heaven pillow with...

...some "dangerous to the touch" cacti, wink, wink!

Tell me about yourself and what turns your crank in your home!  If you have any comments or ideas about this, past or future columns, please write.