Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Mary's (Cheese) Cherry Coffee Cake

My late sister routinely made this Cherry Coffee Cake for her children.  Every once in a while, I make it and imagine sitting at her kitchen table biting into it with a cup of her great coffee.  Boy, does it take me back!
Mary didn't put in the cream cheese part.  This is why I put the word cheese in brackets in the title.  I thought I'd give it this twist because I love the taste of cheese and cherries.
To be honest, the dough is quite sticky to work with.  This might be why it sticks to your hips - LOL.  Try spraying your fingers with non-stick spray to manipulate it as needed.
Here's what you'll need:
1 540 ml can cherry pie filling
2 C cake flour*
1 C (250 gms) unsalted butter, softened
1 C sugar
3 eggs, beaten
2 t baking powder
1 tsp vanilla
1 250 gm package cream cheese, softened
1/2 C icing sugar
1/4 C milk
*(If you don't have this on hand, put 2 T cornstarch in a cup, fill with regular flour to a 1 C measure to replace each cup of cake flour)
Oven at 350F

Make the cream cheese layer first.
In a mixer, put in cream cheese, icing sugar and milk.
Mix for about 6 minutes on high,
scraping down the bowl sides every 2 minutes.
It should be fairly smooth.  Don't sweat the little bumps!
Scrape out into a bowl and set aside to use later.

I am lazy.
I scraped out the cheese filling really well and 
used the same bowl immediately after to make the pastry.
Cream together the butter and sugar.
Add the eggs and vanilla.
Check out my action shot!

Mix the baking powder into the flour.
Add the flour mixture into your mixing bowl in thirds.
Scrape down the sides
before adding in the next third of the flour blend.

When fully incorporated, it will look thick.
I can't call it batter because it doesn't pour.
It reminds me more of choux pastry.

Spray a 9 inch by 9 inch pan with non-stick spray.
Evenly spread half the pastry over the bottom of the pan.
Remember to work those corners...
Spray your fingers as needed.

Spread cherry filling on top.

Glob on the cream cheese mix over the cherries.
Doing it in 4 mounds like this makes it easier to spread.

Do the best you can.  It doesn't need to be perfect :-)

With a soup spoon...
Glob the remainder of the pastry over the cheese layer.

Again, do the best you can to spread it out.
Perfection not required.
See how I have the cream cheese peeking through?
No problem!

Here is a side view to show you the delish layers!
Now, put this on a cookie sheet.
Place in the oven for about an hour until it looks...

Like this.

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Here's a side view of the cooked version.
Let's cut into it.  Drumroll, please...

I've taken out a piece...
And here's an up close pic of the yummy inside.
I've sprinkled it with icing sugar for a nice finish.
If you dare, top with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.
There you have it.  Mary's (Cheese) Cherry Coffee Cake...
Buttery pastry, sweet smooth cream cheese, tart cherries...
What's not to love?  I'm sure Mary herself would approve!
This was submitted by Tiina who substituted the cherries with strawberry preserves!
Good on ya Tiina for making it your own!