Friday, March 8, 2013

Home Day Fridays! Skeletons and other Assorted Goodies in your closet!

Skeletons in your closet? Maybe, if you haven’t cleaned it out for the past 3 years!

Clocks are going ahead one hour this weekend.  A sure sign that spring is around the corner.
Trees drop their leaves in the fall but come springtime, they start fresh with their new buds suddenly popping up one day.  We and our homes are not so automatic.

OK.  We all have them.  Darn closets. The collectors of “I don’t know where else to put it” or, “Company’s coming in 5 minutes, stick it in the closet!”  We all have our reasons to abuse and neglect our closets.  Maybe we abuse just one closet, maybe we’re multiple abusers.  Make a commitment now.  The hurt stops TODAY!

This weekend, pick one closet.  Which one looks like it’s hurting the most?  Your bedroom clothes closet?  Your front hall one?  Maybe it’s the linen/towel one.  Open the door and really look in and see the hurt.  Don’t look away from the damage you’ve done!

OK, for this therapeutic purpose, let’s pick the clothes closet. What’s in there?  I bet more than clothes.  Missing pets? Old sandwiches?  That pair of pants you were determined to return a year ago?

Roll up your sleeves ‘cause it’s GO TIME!

1) Empty your closet.  I don’t mean just thethings that aren’t supposed to be there – like the pizza crust – but I mean EVERYTHING so your closet practically has an echo in it. This is where we’re going to get ruthless.  Only things that belong there will be going back.  This is like American Idol –closet version.

2) Before you put everything back in, can your closet use a coat of fresh paint? How about buying nice matching hangers and baskets. An inviting closet makes the day start off better. When you can put your hands on everything easily, you'll feel less stress, guaranteed!

3) Throwout frank garbage.  By "frank" I mean obvious - not someone named Frank's trash!  Wrappers, old magazines, crackers.  Don’t look away.  We all know it’s there.  Stuff that should have been recycled or just plain trashed.  Don’t hang your head in shame.  You need to see where you’re going in order to get to the trash can and recycling bin!

4) Pick out the things you wear regularly.  That great white shirt?  Hang it back up if it’s been your stock go to shirt with those black pants or navy skirt.  Do the same with all your other items of clothing.

5) Similarly, realistically look at each item of clothing.  Has it been more than a year since you’ve worn it?  Are you waiting to lose weight to get into those size 6 jeans when you were 18?  Are you just praying for those wide square shoulder pads to return - one day? Put these in a bag for Goodwill. God knows someone, SOMEWHERE will have a “Dynasty” party.

6) Corral shoes.  Buy shoe containers - either the clear bin kind or the pocket hang over your door type.  Be as ruthless with your shoes as you are with your clothes.  Truly, you're 58 (or whatever) - do you really need those 6 inch spiked stilettos?  Think about your lifestyle, your existing wardrobe and your chutzpah.  Have a really good look at that shoe pile. Throw out what you don't need or wear.  Repair those worn out soles.  Govern yourself accordingly.

7) Fix what needs to be fixed.  Haven't worn a pair of pants because the zipper is broken, the button is missing?  Put them in that dry cleaner pile and "getter done"!

8) Do your belts look like a snake pit on the floor?  Unless you're "Indiana Jones", get them under control!  Wind them in a coil in the drawer or hang them up on the head of a hanger if you want to do the minimum.  There are lots of fantastic options to organize your belts (see below).

9) Ties.  See belts, above.

10) Look at how you use space.  Is that honkingly huge purse that can double as luggage take up the entire top shelf?  What would work better?  A pile of nicely folded sweaters?  A basket of scarves and a basket of hosiery?

11) Make your closet smell nice.  It's so pleasant to go into a closet that doesn't reek of unfreshness, stale air or worse. Use a mild hanging air freshener, sachet, pot pourri or make a natural one by poking a bunch of cloves into an orange, hang with a ribbon.  Of course you may end up smelling like a mincemeat pie but still better than eau de old socks!  And don't forget about scented drawer liners - your delicates will smell delicately fresh!

12) Check out your lighting.  Your closet is still a room that deserves to be seen when it's looking that good. (Klieg lights optional)

Check out these sources for great closet organizing:

I'll be waiting for those before and after shots - no excuses!

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