Monday, February 18, 2013

Low Sugar Orangina

I love Orangina.  I wish I could drink gallons (or litres) of it!  Unfortunately, it has loads of sugar!  31 gms in a 296 ml (just over a cup) serving.  According to their website, they do produce an Orangina Light but I have never seen this product anywhere in Canada.

Until it makes it's way across the Atlantic, I've created this wonderful low sugar Orangina alternative that I hope you will enjoy.  It has the citrus burst and fizz with just enough pulp to give you that well loved Orangina hit.

One 296 ml serving (just over a cup), has 31 gms of sugar!

Add 1/4 C orange juice with pulp.
This has 6.25 gms of sugar and 30 calories.

Add a 355 ml can of zero calorie Fresca.
Add ice and garnish.
Voila!  A lower calorie, lower sugar Orangina alternative,
just 30 calories and a little over 6 gms of sugar
for an almost 2 cup serving!