Thursday, May 30, 2013

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner for the Brain Dead

You all know that yours truly respects the time limits we all have in our lives, especially when it comes to pulling together a tasty dinner that you can get on the table in lickety split time.  This is, of course, especially important for us Thursday brain dead-ers.

This recipe has simple ingredients that you likely have on hand.  Five ingredients, one pan and you have a great and generous dinner for 2.  Think of it as a very loose fake paella of sorts.  You can definitely make it with rice and even add shrimp to round it out if you'd like.

Even if you're feeling lazy and have zero energy, you can do this!  So get started already!  You're hungry, aren't you?

Here's what you'll need:

                               2 medium boneless chicken breast halves
                                          1/2 C orzo
                                          1 540 ml can chopped tomatoes
                                          1 medium onion
                                          1/2 C baby peas
                                          (olive oil)

                                          Watch the how to video here:


And there you have it!
15 minutes of effort
for this easy peas-y (literally!) one pan chicken dinner!